Discover The Kimberley – New Drone Video

My new drone project and labour of love….

This has to be me at my happiest. Exploring the Kimberley. Chasing the light. Being creative. Camping in strange places. And sleeping under the stars. I hope you enjoy!

I shot so much drone footage last year this could easily be a nice 5-10min video but who’s got the attention span for that. So consider this a sneak peek – or my 2018 ‘showreel’. Maybe somewhere down the track I’ll upload a Directors Cut for any drone nerds out there. 😀

Feel free to share with people you think should come to the Kimberley – or someone who you want to make jealous.

Chasing The Light


Roebuck Bay, Broome

The million dollar question….. How hard can it really be to take beautiful photos in a place as beautiful as the Kimberley? Piece of cake, right?

Let’s be honest, the Kimberley definitely stacks the odds in our favour. Unspoiled wilderness, crazy colours and beautiful light – it’s a winning mix. And yet as someone who has spent 6 years poking around the Kimberley in search of beautiful places and beautiful images it’s easy convince yourself that capturing something new – something different – gets a little harder each time. It’s a silly notion of course. With 420,000 square kilometres to explore there has to be endless possibilities for beautiful photos. And yet it’s easy to get wrapped up in this notion that it’s harder and harder to capture something better than last time – to create new work that people haven’t seen before –  and new work that is at least as good as what I’ve done before. It’s a fun challenge. The so-called ‘artist’s burden’.

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BBC ‘Rituals’ | Kimberley Drone Footage

Gary’s aerial cinematography from The Kimberley region of Western Australia will be featured in an upcoming BBC production, Rituals.


You can see some of the original footage in my Discover The Kimberley video below. Or hop on over here to see the full archive of available aerial stock video footage from the Kimberley.


The Sound of Silence

Kimberley-Waterfall-Gary-AnnettThe Kimberley after dark is anything but silent. Yep, there are moments of perfect stillness and a distinct lack of manmade noise but generally ‘the bush’ is a cacophony of Mother Nature at her best.

Here on the Fitzroy River dusk is accompanied by an orchestra of birdsong not heard most of the day. And when the sun sets and the full moon rises over the Fitzroy’s still waters a whole new soundscape comes to life. The call of cicadas is everywhere, pulsing and chirping in perfect symphony. Wallabies occasionally thump on the riverbanks. Micro bats flutter overhead. Fish – or crocs – occasionally splash in the river. And a pair of Barking Owls call back and forth ever so gently. On the Munja Track a lone Dingo howls, frogs croak and Blue Wing Kookaburras cackle and laugh. At Kooljaman waves crash on the eastern beach, a gecko chirps, and a gentle breeze rustles the dry grass. The darkness of a perfect Kimberley night is anything but empty and anything but silent – it is pulsing with life at every turn. 

Aerial Stock Video Footage | The Kimberley, Western Australia


Gary’s archive of aerial drone videos from the spectacular Kimberley region of Western Australia is now available for commercial use. Get in touch to discuss licensing these videos for your TV/film production or marketing material.

Thank You | RFDS Fundraiser | 2017


Happy new year folks!

We saw a great response again last year to my new RFDS Kimberley and Gibb River Road photography calendars for 2018. The larger format and extra images seems to have made them very popular with locals and visitors alike.

Amazing to think this all started with a small batch of 10 calendars printed for friends and family back in 2013. To now have them selling through 35 outlets across the Kimberley, to have the photos on people’s walls around the world, and to be able to raise money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in the process is all pretty staggering.

Two words. THANK YOU!

We ended up selling more than 2800 calendars this year and officially raised $13,855 for RFDS Western Australia. With a number of outlets also donating their calendar profits directly to the RFDS the real total raised was more than $18,000 in 2017. This brings our overall fundraising total for 2016-2017 to more than $30,000 thanks to everyone’s generosity and support.

I’m also pretty stoked that after last’s year’s 6 week Kimberley camping trip I’ve got more than 60 new photos that I will be featuring in next year’s calendars, available for the start of the 2018 tourist season.

I hope your own photo adventures are treating you well. Stay creative. And stay curious.

Til next time,