Chasing The Light


Roebuck Bay, Broome

The million dollar question….. How hard can it really be to take beautiful photos in a place as beautiful as the Kimberley? Piece of cake, right?

Let’s be honest, the Kimberley definitely stacks the odds in our favour. Unspoiled wilderness, crazy colours and beautiful light – it’s a winning mix. And yet as someone who has spent 6 years poking around the Kimberley in search of beautiful places and beautiful images it’s easy convince yourself that capturing something new – something different – gets a little harder each time. It’s a silly notion of course. With 420,000 square kilometres to explore there has to be endless possibilities for beautiful photos. And yet it’s easy to get wrapped up in this notion that it’s harder and harder to capture something better than last time – to create new work that people haven’t seen before –  and new work that is at least as good as what I’ve done before. It’s a fun challenge. The so-called ‘artist’s burden’.

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