An Outlaw, A Hero, A Legend

Tunnel Creek
Tunnel Creek, Devonian Reef National Park

Pointing my torch down into the murky waters of Tunnel Creek, buried beneath the magnificent Oscar RangeĀ in the West Kimberley, the light is reflected back up and onto the caverns of the tunnel wall. It’s pitch black in here and silent. The reflecting light projects a gentle shimmer onto the sculpted limestone walls. I am inside the Cave of Bats – as it was formerly known – at night, with only the bats and the occasional freshwater croc to keep me company.

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The Gibb

Gibb River Road
Bushfires and Black Kites, Gibb River Road

As an older Aussie bloke once told me, ‘”You haven’t seen Australia until you’ve seen the Kimberley”. And you haven’t seen the Kimberley until you’ve driven the Gibb River Road’s 660 kilometres of outback goodness.

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